Planned communities are wise to build in Smart City tech

In Canada we have a some very innovative community and housing developers creating new greenfield communities. We also still have a significant number of builders who resist risk and new ideas. They can still continue building more traditional homes and make acceptable profits, particularly in rapidly expanding cities. The public drives the market and their demand for innovation will grow as they learn more about the benefits of some of the new features described in this recent piece from government technology magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

Robot delivery cart (Brookfield Residential)

Photo credit: Brookfield Residential via government technology

Robot carts and drone deliveries are just some of the baubles planned development communities are dangling as the sort of high-tech amenities residents are not only welcoming, but expecting.

“Amenities isn’t just what we think of traditionally, in the vein of swimming pools, parks and playgrounds. It also includes technology,” said Caitlyn Lai-Valenti, residential senior director of sales and marketing at Brookfield Residential. “It includes retail, and the walkability component for our residents as well.”

Read the entire article here.

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