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A quick recap of “Rethinking the Future”

Tuesday, April 17th, 2018


“Rethinking the Future” was the main theme in five different future focused events and discussions I enjoyed at the RSI | Rethink 2018 Leadership Summit on March 28, 2018 in Toronto.

I spoke at and chaired a panel at the excellent Rethink conference, organized by Yasmin Glanville, while participating in four other meetings and discussions during the week. Two meetings were focused on planning future lives for our citizens – one in a new 7,500 home local community – and the other was facilitating a meeting of the City of Vaughan’s Smart City Advisory Task Force to plan some award winning Smart City priorities.

Two other business meetings were concerned with the race to capture customers through their mobile phones as they approach “bricks and mortar stores”. Will suppliers of products or services reach these potential retail customers through the shopping mall’s software, or through the stores’ systems, or directly through the product suppliers’ own software? To be the winners in all cases, we need to “Change the Way We Change” says my colleague Neal Oswald.

The “Rethink” Conference was definitely focused on rethinking: sustainability, smart cities/future cities, architecture, transportation precision agriculture, finance, life and the impact of artificial intelligence.