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World Future Cities Summit (WFCS) guest speaker William Mougayar scrutinizes blockchain and government services

Wednesday, August 24th, 2016

We were delighted to welcome industry expert, researcher, writer and theorist William Mougayar to last June’s World Future Cities Summit (WFCS) in Toronto. He has expanded his thought provoking WFCS talk into the following article for The Huffington Post:

huffington-postThe Blockchain is Perfect for Government Services, but Where is Canada?

William Mougayar
Toronto-based investor, blogger. Author of The Business Blockchain. Advisor to some of the world’s leading blockchain organizations.

Government services are one of the most obvious and immediate application areas for the blockchain. Several governments around the world are already working on a variety of initiatives, but in Canada, we have yet to see visible signs of activity.

Let me illustrate via some examples, what cities, municipalities and governments around the world are currently doing with the blockchain in the first half of 2016.

In Delaware, the state where a majority of new companies in North America will likely incorporate, Governor Jack Markell announced two recent blockchain initiatives, under the banner “Delaware is open for blockchain business”. The first was about moving state archival records to an open distributed ledger. The second allows any private company that incorporates in that state to keep track of all the equity issued and the different shareholder rights on the blockchain.

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