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Michael Geist points out how the election gives us the opportunity to ask candidates about Internet policy

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

As usual, Michael Geist has hit the nail on the head. In his recent column in the Toronto Star, he has done a great job of summarizing a number of initiatives that Canada needs to get right if we really want to participate effectively in the 21st century with respect to economic growth and social prosperity:

Geist: Now’s our chance to ask candidates about Internet policy
By Michael Geist
Internet Law Columnist

March 25, 2011
Toronto Star

The federal election call marks the end for at least five government bills focused on Internet and digital policy. Bills on privacy, copyright, and Internet surveillance died on the order paper and will have to start from scratch when a new government is elected in May. Moreover, the much-anticipated digital economy strategy, set for release this spring, has likely been delayed until the fall at the very earliest.

While the legislative process may be on hold, the election campaign offers Canadians the chance to raise the profile of Internet and digital issues even further by voting for the Internet. The Internet is obviously not a political party, but a vote for the Internet means asking candidates for their views on the country’s top digital issues.

Read the complete article here in the Toronto Star. It’s also posted to Michael Geist’s blog here.