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Adopting a Canadian Patent/Innovation Box

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Adoption of a Patent or Innovation Box to help Accelerate Intellectual Property (IP) Exploitation and Commercialization Success in Canada: Expert Views Support Advocacy Campaign

CATA Alliance

CATAAlliance has launched an advocacy campaign to encourage the adoption of a Canadian form of the “Patent Box”, i.e. an “Innovation Box”. The Canadian “Innovation Box” would be tailored to provide a preferential, competitive tax regime for the successful exploitation and commercialization of Intellectual Property (IP), including patents, in Canada.

The Campaign, concludes, “The key is how to keep IP (Intellectual Property) at home and commercialize it. Our foreign affiliate rules are not neutral with respect to taxation of IP income taxed in Canada vs. IP income taxed in a low tax jurisdiction and then brought back to Canada tax free. One approach is lower corporate tax rates – starting with low tax rates on income derived from Canadian developed IP”.

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